Lee walking for Benji WZW at the Toronto Mens Fashion Week.So much proud to see our Lee Sun grow as an aspiring model. And the fact that were a big part of his success made me proud of my whole team for honing this kid who didnt know his big potential until he met us. He will go far!!!!

All the efforts that we did to hone him didn’t get wasted cos seeing him getting successful is a great pride for all of us. Were Very proud of him and at the same time very proud of my team and our group friends who never give up with our dreams :)

Jerry Shih

With the models during the Urbane Conviction Launching and Fashion Show

I’ve only known and worked with these people (except my friends) for 3 days but I’ve grown to like and be close to all of them. They all said thank you for helping them and those words are really big to me. But in reality I should be the one saying thank you to them because they thought me alot of things and made me grow more as an individual working with different kinds of people. I always remind them that whatever they do in life just make the most out of it, always have fun and let the world be their stage and most importantly stay humble. It was a very very great experience for me!!! 

And special shoutout to all the staff of Urbane Conviction for trusting me with their fashion show. Its really great to work with great people


Yifei Sun 

African Tribal inspired shoot

Asian Community AIDS Services and Queer Asian Youth at Toronto World Pride Parade 2014

photo by : Vince Ha

Highlights from our Toronto World Pride Parade with ACAS and QAY. We be the only group blasting and dancing to 2ne1, Girls Day, SNSD, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and KPOP songs from the parade yesterday. Its one summer event I couldnt miss. 

World Pride Toronto 2014

Found an instagram video of us dancing during the parade earlier.This was definitely the highlight of the parade today!!!! When our float played Girls Days Expectation I can’t stop myself but danced to it and called @koregrudgeboi to go on our lil dance space infront of our banner. Best day ever!!! cant stop smiling when i see this video.

My model crew fresh from their modeling success last week. From getting hired to model for an online shopping store to walking the runway of Canada Philippine Fashion Week. So proud of these boys.

My boys

Ron,Nate and Coy